(9-9) (IL) RMN #2 Beauty picks single insert

(9-9) (IL) RMN #2 Beauty picks single insert
  • Item #: (9-9) (IL) RMN #2 Beauty picks s
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RMN #2 Beauty picks

Benadryl product 1.00/1

Loreal 11oz standard size elnett hairspray 3.00/1

Loreal excellence hair color 2.00/1

Loreal superior preference5.00/2

Loreal root concealer 1.00/1

Loreal Paris voluminous masacra 2.00/1

Loreal Paris eye shadow or eyeliner product 1.00/1

Loreal Paris infallible lip product 2.00/1

Loreal Paris lip product 2.00/1

Loreal Paris revitalift or age perfect skincare 2.00/1

Loreal Paris skincare product 1.50/1

Garnier fructis shampoo conditioner treatment or styling product excludes 3oz and smaller 3.00/2

Garnier whole blends shampoo or conditioner 2.00/1

Garnier shin active skin mask .50/1

Garnier skincare moisturizer 2.00/1

Garnier skin active cleaner 2.00/1

Garnier nutrisse hair color 2.00/1

Purina dry dog food 2.00/1

Purina beyond wet dog food B3G1 free

Purina beyond cat food dry 2.00/1

Purina beyond cat wet food B4G1

Purex liquid or poWder 1.00/2

Purex liquid detergent 128oz+ 1.00/1

Purex crystal in wash fragrance booster 1.00/2

Quaker ready to eat cereals 1.00/2 (10/21)

Quaker chewy granola bars .75/2 (10/21)

Renuzit $1.50/2 adjustables multipack 3pk+ (9/23)

Renuzit B3G1 free adjustables air freshener cones up to $1.10 (9/23)

Suave $.75/1 body wash product ets dnd (9/29)

Visine product 1.50/1 (10/6)

Zyrtec 70ct or rhinocort product 10.00/1 (9/16)

Zyrtec 24-45ct 4.00/1 (10/6)

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