(3-31) (FL-NC) 4-pack combo = 16 inserts total

(3-31) (FL-NC) 4-pack combo = 16 inserts total
  • Item #: (3-31) 4-pack combo = 16 inserts
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Rmn 3-31 unilever

Ball park refrigerated patties products 1.00/1

Burts Bees $1/1 adult toothpaste ETS (4/13)

Burts Bees $1/1 kids toothpaste ETS (4/13)

Burts Bees $1/1 activated charcoal powder ETS (4/13)

Degree $1.25/1 woman deodorant wipes, dry spray antiperspirant or clinical protection exc. twin packs ETS (4/18)

Degree $0.75/1 woman motionsense antiperspirant deodorant stick exc. twin packs ETS (4/18)

Degree $0.50/1 men original protection antiperspirant deodorant stick exc. twin packs ETS (4/28)

Degree $1.25/1 men deodorant wipes, dry spray antiperspirant, advanced protection stick or clinical protection exc. twin packs ETS (4/28)

Genteal Tears $3/1 or naphcon a eye drops 5ml or large (4/27)

Keebler $1/2 chips deluxe cookies 11.9 oz or larger, any flavor mix or match ETS (5/12)

Milk-Bone $1/1 wonder bones dog bones 18.8oz or larger (5/18)

Milk-Bone $1/1 gnawbones dog treats 7.2 oz or larger (5/18)

Suave $1.00/2 body wash product ETS (4/21)

Suave $0.50/1 deodorant stick 2.6oz, clinical 1.7oz or dry spray antiperspirant 3.8oz product ETS (4/14)

Suave $2/2 kids hair care products ETS (4/21)

Suave $0.75/1 lotion product ETS (4/14)

Suave $2/2 men hair care products exc. twin packs ETS (4/21)

Suave $3/2 styling products exc. twin packs ETS (4/21)

Suave $1/1 styling products exc. twin packs ETS (4/21)

Suave $1/1 wash and care product (4/21)

Suave Professionals buy any 1 natural hair product, get any 1 suave professional’s for natural hair product free exc.2oz and twin packs, max value $5.99 ETS (4/21)

Suave Professionals $2/1 for natural hair product (4/21)

Suave Professionals $3/2 wash and care products (4/21)

Systane $5/1 zaditor eye drops (4/27)

Systane $5/1 lubricant eye drops 6ml or larger (4/27)

Systane $8/1 icaps eye vitamins any size (4/27)

Systane $5/1 zaditor eye drops (5ml or larger (4/27)


Rmn #2

Benadryl product 1.00/1

Biotene product 1.50/1

Super poligrip 2.0oz+ 1.50/1

Polydent denture cleanser 40ct+ 1.50/1

Visine product 1.50/1

Zyrtec 24-45ct or childrens 4.00/1

Zyrtec 70ct adult rhinocort 70ct or rhinocort allergy spray 10.00/1


Smart source

Cheerios Cereals $1/2 any flavor cereals: original cheerios, honey nut cheerios, multi grain, chocolate peanut butter, very berry, apply cinnamon, frosted, chocolate , fruity, honey nut, medley crunch, cheerios protein +ancient grains, cheerios oat crunch or maple cheerios cereal (5/11)


Clairol $5/2 boxes of nice ‘n easy permanent root touch-up or natural instincts hair color (4/13)

Clairol $2/1 nice ‘n easy, permanent root touch- up or natural instincts hair color (4/13)

Clearasil $2/1 rapid rescue product (4/27)

Clearasil $1/1 gentle prevention product (4/27)

Clearasil $2/1 stubborn acne control product (4/27)

Colgate $1/1 essentials with charcoal or coconut oil toothpaste 3oz+ (4/13)

Colgate $0.50/1 toothpaste 3oz or larger exc. 2.8oz and 2.8 oz bonus ETS (4/13)

Colgate $0.50/1 adult or kids manual toothbrush exc. colgate plus, colgate extra clean or colgate classic clean (4/13)

CrunchMaster $1/1 any product (6/23)

Depend $3/1 all products 8ct+ (4/27)

Ensure $3/1 multipack (5/26)

Florida Crystals $1/1 raw cane sugars or demerera sugar products (6/8)

General Mills $1/2 cereals listed: chex, multi grain cheerios, wheaties, basic 4, raising nut bran, oatmeal crisp, total, nature valley cereal, nature valley granolas (5/11)

General Mills $1/2 cereals listed: cinnamon toast crunch, lucky charms, reese’s puffs, cocoa puffs, trix, cookie crisp, golden grahams, kix, blasted shreds (5/11)

Glade $1/2 all products glade solids, 8oz room spray and plugins scented oil warmer only packs (5/11)

Glade Plug Ins buy 1 scented oil refill 2ct or higher – get 1 plugins warmer free up to $2.00 (4/27)

Hi-Chew $1/2 products, any size, any variety (6/1)

Poise $3/1 pads, liners or poise impressa bladder supports exc. 14-26ct liners or 10ct pads (4/27)

Rimmel buy 1 mascara $4.00 or more – get 1 eyeliner free (4/14)

Ritz $0.75/2 crisp and thins chips or ritz toasted chips any variety, 7oz+ (5/11)

Sunsweet $1/1 premium mango or any sunsweet dried fruit product (5/30)

Welch’s $1/2 fruit snacks 8oz or larger bag or 8ct or larger box (5/11)

Welch’s $0.50/2 fruit rolls or fruit n’ yogurt snacks 8oz or larger bag or 8ct or larger box (5/11)


Pg with Tide

Tide detergent excludes pods recuse simply 10oz oand trial size 2.00/1

Tide pods 2.00/1

Tide antibacterial spray 2.00/1

Gain flings 32ct+ 2.00/1

Dpwny liquid fabrice conditioner 40loads or smaller downy sheets 60 and smaller 1.00/1

Downy liquid fabric conditioner 48 load+, bounce or downy sheets 70 ct+ or wash in scentsbooster 5.7oz+ 2.00/1

Home nade simple liquid laundry detergent and homwmade simple liquid fabric softner 3.00/both

Dreft newborn or active baby detergent 2.00/1

Always $2/1 discreet incontinence liner or pad (4/27)

Always $2/1 discreet incontinence underwear or boutique underwear (4/27)

Always $3/2 radiant, infinity or pure and clean pads 11ct+ (4/27)

Always $0.50/2 liners 30ct+ wipes 20ct+ exc. always discreet (4/27)

Always $0.50/2 ultra or maxi pads 11ct+ exc. radiant, infinity, pure and clean and discreet (4/27)

Bounty $1/1 paper towel product 4ct+ inc. includes 2 HUGE rolls (4/13)

Bounty $0.25/1 napkins product (4/13)

Braun $5/1 product exc. mobile shaver, bikini trimmer, precision trimmer, ear & nose trimmer, face refills, replacement heads and clean and renew fills (4/13)

Cascade $1/1 pure essentials actionpacs (4/13)

Cascade $1/1 action pacs 30ct or larger (4/13)

Charmin $1/1 mega roll 4ct or larger inc. mega plus and super mega, exc. single roll (4/13)

Crest $1/1 mouthwash 16oz (4/13)

Crest $1/1 toothpaste or liquid gel 3oz+ exc. 4.6 oz crest cavity, baking soda and tartar control/protection, kids (4/13)

Crest 3D $5/1 whitestrips, glamorous white, 1hr express, professional effects, flexfit, gentle routine, monthly whitening boost, vivid or whitestrips with light exc. noticeably white (4/13)

Febreeze B1G1 Free any product exc. febreeze one car vent clip (4/13)

Febreeze buy 1 unstoppables product – get 1 unstoppables product free up to $4 exc. in-wash scent booster (4/13)

Fixodent $2.50/2 individual denture adhesive tubes 1.4oz+ (4/13)

Gain $1/3 dishwashing liquid products 21.6oz + (4/13)

Gillette $3/1 disposable 2ct or larger exc. sensor 2ct and venus products (4/27)

Gillette $1/1 razor exc. disposables and venus products (4/27)

Gillette $1/1 anti-perspirant deodorant 1.6oz or larger (4/13)

Hair Food $4/2 shampoos, conditioners or stylers exc. masks (4/13)

Head & Shoulders $3/2 products 315ml/10.6 oz or larger or clinical solutions (4/13)

Head & Shoulders $1/1 product 315ml/10.6oz or larger or clinical solutions (4/13)

Herbal Essences $3/2 bio:renew shampoo, conditioned or styling products exc. masks, 100ml shampoo and conditioners, color and body wash (4/13)

Luvs $1/1 diapers (4/13)

Metamucil $1/1 fiber supplement product (4/13)

Mr.Clean buy 1 clean freak spray – get 1 clean freak spray free up to $3 (4/13)

Olay $1/1 bar 4ct or larger, body wash, in-shower body lotion or hand and body lotion (4/27)

Olay $3/1 whip facial moisturizer (4/27)

Olay $1/1 facial moisturizer (4/27)

Olay $1/1 facial cleanser (4/27)

Old Spice $3/2 anti- perspirant/deodorant, body wash or bar soap exc. high endurance, twin packs (4/27)

Oral-B $1/1 adult manual toothbrush exc. kids, healthy clean, cavity defense (4/13)

Oral-B $2/1 adult battery toothbrush (4/13)

Oral-B $1/1 glide manual floss, floss picks, inter-dental brush or inter-dental picks (4/13)

Pampers $3/2 bags or one box of pampers easy ups training underwear or underjams absorbent night wear (4/13)

Pampers $3/1 cruisers 360 fit diapers (4/13)

Pampers $3/2 bags or one box of pampers diapers or easy ups training underwear (4/13)

Pantene $1/1 product including gold series collection (4/13)

Pantene $2/1 styler or treatment (4/13)

Pantene $3/3 products including gold series collection (4/13)

Pantene buy 1 shampoo 11oz+ – get 1 pantene rescue shots, mask or airspray free up to $4.99 (4/13)

Pepto-Bismol $0.50/1 any product (4/27)

Puffs $0.50/1 facial tissues inc. multi-packs, exc. puffs to go singles (4/27)

Prilosec OTC $1/1 any product (4/27)

Secret $1/1 or gillette clinical 1.6 oz or larger (4/13)

Secret $1/1 fresh outlast or active 2.6 oz (4/13)

Swiffer $2/1 starter kit exc. 1ct and 2ct heavy duty duster (4/27)

Swiffer $2/1 refill or wetjet solution (4/13)

Tampax $3/2 pearl, radiant or pure and clean tampons 16ct+ (4/27)

Venus $3/1 or daisy disposable 2ct+ exc. daisy 2ct (4/27)

Venus $3/1 razor exc. disposables (4/27)

Vicks $1/1 any product exc. ZzzQuil and pure zzzs (4/13)

Vicks $0.50/1 ZzzQuil or Pure Zzzs product (4/13)

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